WarehouseWreckage collisions

Hey all,
I finished the part of the course with WarehouseWreckage and was looking to expand a little bit on it.

Here’s my setup:


Bp_Pawn Spawn Projectile function:

In the Bullet EG I check for collisions:

For the bullet, I’m no longer using “Add Impulse” to launch it and instead I have a “Projectile Movement Component”. Force Sub Stepping = checked

In the target BP, I check for collisions as well:

If I disconnect the timeline, or I use any other target that is not moving, collisions work perfectly.
However, if I connect the timeline and animate the box collisions are not always triggered. Sometimes, 3 out of 5 the bullet will go through it like there’s nothing there.

Check this video below:
Missing collisions

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way of handling this that ensures consistent collisions for if I have several types of target actors? Again, for the actors that are not moving, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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