[Warehouse Wreckage] [UE 5.0.0] Having issues with Add Impulse

Hello everyone,
I’m currently facing an issue with the physics, for some reason impulse is not working as intended, Idk if it’s something I’m missing on my current configuration but unless I add high level of impulse the projectile just barely move
Here’s the world Blueprint

As you can see unless I add something like 10000000 the projectile doesn’t move
Here is the Projectile class blueprint’s physics:

I think it’s just something I’ve missconfigured but I haven’t been abletto figure it out


Hey Michael, on your “Add Impulse” node, try checking the “Vel Change” boolean – that will add the impulse as a change in the actor’s velocity, independent of its mass.

Alternatively you could leave “Vel Change” unchecked and add an extra nodes to grab the mass of the projectile and use that as an additional input pin in your multiplication node, but that ends up being extra work to get an equivalent result :slight_smile:


Your projectile’s mass is literally set to the equivalent of a metric ton. So yeah, you are going to need a gigantic force to move that sucker! :joy:

You can either set the “Vel Change” flag as was suggested or try lowering your projectile’s mass to something more reasonable. :slightly_smiling_face:

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