[Warehouse Wreckage] having trouble getting the rotation to work

I am having trouble getting the rotation to work. It will only fire them along the actual X or Y axis that it is set to and not follow the camera rotation.

here is a screenshot of my blueprint editor.

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The main issue is that you are only multiplying your forward vector’s Y value to 4000. So it is firing the bullet on Y-axis only and when you play the game you fire by rotating in different directions it sometimes felt to you like the bullet is firing on the x-axis also, but it is still firing on the Local Y-axis of your pawn which changes as you rotates your pawn.

Consider multiplying your whole forward vector to a single float no. like in the below image:-
Screenshot 2022-05-03 105700

You can convert the vector to float like this:-

I hope it will help you. :grin::grin:

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That worked, thank you.

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