Warehouse with random (weighted) item spawn and win mechanic

I’ve really enjoyed working with this one and found some great ideas in this forum to expand on. I decided i’d challenge myself and see if I could do something more than the minimum required. Ended up with the following:

Random item spawn for the racks
Used the suggestions from other showcases here and created 4 mesh sockets for the shelves. Once i spawned the items i wasn’t happy with the look, so i added weighting to allow me to fine tune the spawn rate on certain items (i wanted more boxes and less barrels).

Still not happy, i added some more randomness to the rotation and positioning of the items allowing them to be placed sligthly offset to the location of the mesh sockets. I also made sure to randomly skip spawning items to get a less “ordered” feel. Not perfect, but good enough for me.

Win mechanic "flip racks"
While playing around i found it enjoyable to try to get the full racks to fall over. It felt like a pretty nice win mechanic so i made something that allows you to complete the level if you flip X amount of racks. The mechanic itself just looks at the pitch (y rotation) of the racks and if it rotates more than 20 degrees i deem it “flipped”.

Great fun, thanks for a good first chapter!

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