Warcraft Inspired Orc Bust


After finishing the beginners course @Grant_Abbitt recommended making something like an orc or monster to practice sculpting more since humans can be difficult (I want to make humans soon so will try after I do the another course) so I made an orc bust inspired from one of my favorite games.

The paintjob is rough cause I am extreme novice in painting, but practicing nonetheless.

I am thinking about maybe doing a project where I do bust sculpts of all the main warcraft races for practice (Human Male/Female, Night Elf Female, Tauren Male, Undead Male/Female, Troll Male, Gnome (if I feel like it cause I am not a fan of the gnomes)). But want to do another course here before starting on that so I can learn more. I own all of the blender courses except the compositing one of bringing a model into a real scene.

Which should I do next?

Blender Character Creator 2.0?
Lowpoly Characters?
Blender Environment Artist?
Blender Texture Painting?
Blender Anime Character?


nice work!
I would go:
Lowpoly Characters
Blender Character Creator 2.0
Blender Environment Artist
Blender Texture Painting
Blender Anime Character
But you dont have to stick to this order :slight_smile:


Very nice sculpt. Good practice plan too.

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