Walking while crouching animation is not working

I’m using “Crouch_Walk_Fwd_Rifle_Hip” animation and it attempts to play the animation while crouch/walking, but the legs go all wobbly where the knees are moving, but the actual legs are not doing a walking animation.

The other animations have worked fine so far and everything appears to be setup correctly. No idea what else to look at to figure out why the whole animation isn’t playing properly and instead I’m just getting wobbly knees/legs in the crouch/walk animation.

Any chance you can share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? It would also be helpful if we could see your animation state machine and the crouch state.

Actually yeah. About 20 seconds into this video I show off the weird crouch/walk animation that is bugged.

I’ve been making short ‘blog’ style videos to keep track of my progress. Wasn’t intended for debugging stuff later, but it does show off the weirdness.

Ok, can I see the area around the control rig node in the anim graph?

Ok, what happens if you connect that float pin connected to IsCrouching into the alpha for Control Rig?

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