Walking and Flying in Short Animated Story!

Walking and flying done in the form of a little story. I didn’t know how to edit the video in Blender (or if that is possible) so I went and did all the editing and sounds using iMovie and its library. :grinning:

I tried to cheat with the rendering and practically ran through the model to keep my frame count as low as possible. With 50% quality, 100 samples and block models that still took about five and a half hours. When I imported the video to iMovie and tried to slow it down to a pleasant pace, it became horribly jerky. Sorry about that. I guess you just can’t cut corners like that.

I made that sofa with a bezier curve and got a little crazy with the beveling on the grandfather clock but other than that I have tried to stick to LOD A models. I added as little textures and material as possible, because I know we’re going to do those later.

To offer a better view, I rendered a few images of the house. There are no Unity images, because I managed to import the model but not to move inside it.




Scary ! ahahah, that tour was funny ^^

Thanks! Yeah, you’ll never look at another bowling pin quite in the same way again… :space_invader: XD

By the way, I shall take this opportunity to say that pretty much everything you do is amazing. Your chess pieces were beautiful.

Loved your vid, it was funny and interesting and the sound effects are amazing.

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Thank you, Jada. I’m very glad you liked it. :slight_smile: I just watched it again myself and I should really get back to modeling that house… Heh.

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