Wake up! ... Don't be a dozer

I am having trouble with my local ISP. This week they decided to demonstrate thier capacity to spy on a conversation between myself and my Father who is soon to die. They then used this material to mock me on the internet in the hope I would use their network.

Which fool in their ranks thought this to be a good idea? How could you be so dumb? You see, they are our national carrier and I think we deserve better.

I guess if all you know is to drive a bulldozer, everything looks like a pile of dirt.

Last week I took my six year old niece and her family on a rainforest trek. All was fine until the group started in a direction she didn’t expect. Well, a dark cloud descended. She was prepared to destroy anything to get her way. Pouting, hands on hips, angry words, they whole show.

How does one deal with that?

I quietly pointed out where we were going and suggested she had better keep up. Then I proceeded into the forest without her. (Her Mother had a knowing smile and was keeping a eye on proceedings.) Eventually after a lot of drama, she caught up. And you know what, for the last two kilometres she led the way.

I will continue to remain patient with this ISP.

Cube guy is in the dozer. Can you see him? He is waving at you. I used a simple armature to rig the mesh. All kudos to a Mr Hienz from the internet who made the bulldozer mesh. The artistic intent was to suggest to those in power that their own people are not out to get them. There is nothing to fear here.


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