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Thx for playing.
I’m just changing the Time.timeScale.
I’ll check out Brackley’s if i find the time.

Jumping Jackrabbits in a Kangaroo’s Pouch but this was an annoying one to finish off. I didn’t do anything really cool but here is my prototype game.

updated to v1.1 May 13, 2021

** EDIT **2021-05-14T03:13:00Z
Known Bugs

  • Enemy blocks are rising inside the arena walls.

Good stuff. I really like the light/dark aspect of this game. Would be nice to maybe see some text indicating that the game is starting over. At first I wasn’t sure whether I needed to click on anything to replay.

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Thanks, for the feedback. It was supposed to freeze the player’s controls between rounds but for some reason, that line isn’t working currently. I’ll add a text pop-up when I go back to fix the controller issue.

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If I play I tend to have a say!

Feedback if wanted...

Remember it’s your game and just my opinions…
I needed to full screen it as the logo and intro was cut off (is your canvas set to vary with screen size?)
Nice little explosions and the day/night was different though a little dark when dark ( a 2nd dim/angled global light may help)
Wasnt sure what was happening after 1st game with the number of blocks seeming to vary and the time jumping to a different number when Id finished.
Is it new games or levels? May be its the total time?
A how many enemies left indicator would help know what was going on too.
The player runs into the blocks and can run through them (this was in the original files and I had hoped they’d put in a challenge to fix it)
And i did see an enemy rise in blocks too.
Good stuff putting what you’ve done out there.

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Thanks for the feedback @EddieRocks, I’ve added your comments to the bugs list in my previous post.

Apologies for stating the obvious but could save you time - you’ve not just forgotton to add a Using for each at the top of your script have you?

They were there but apparently, every once in a while Unity has a brain aneurysm and forgets those libraries :man_shrugging: The only reasonably easy fix I could find is a complete re-install of Unity and associated software. :slight_smile:

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