VS code issues and Mover not showing up after restart


So after getting along fine with the different chapters I started noticing hiccups with VS code IntelliSense, it takes ages to load up suggestions and I dont get for example any suggestions for FVector, Vinterp etc and also the UE4snippets quit working.
I tried googling but not understanding much from the results, any help available?

Also the mover cpp file doesn’t show up in the content browser when Im loading up the project the next day, altho the files are where they were when I made them. Any solution for this?

Oki so the suggestions for Fvector, Vinterp etc was solved by turning on Inteilli Sense Engine Fallback.

But Intelli Sense is still really really slow.

Are your engine and project on an SSD? That should help a lot with speed as a lot of the work would be parsing files which there are a lot of in Unreal.

Yes their both on a m.2 ssd, shouldn’t be an issue I think.
Got an i9 10900k cpu, 32gig 3200 MHz ram and a 3070. - I think this should be enough for what we’re doing in the course atm.
Would love some suggestions, or ill simply have to learn to type everything out myself.

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