VS Code Intellisense not working

Have abandoned VSC and am going to use JB Rider.

is jb rider worth the cost?

I have issues with intellisense also so would be interested

I’ve been using JetBrains products for several years, and personally find it to be worth every penny. It’s definitely not a free product, however. One nice thing is that they offer a loyalty discount, so while the first year is at full price, the price reduces year over year in thanks for continuing to use their product.

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Try install Unity extension in vs code, then update both the visual studio editor and visual studio code editor to the latest version through package manager in unity. and finally, click unity - setting - external tool - regenerate project files

the TA saids keeping the visual studio code editor up-to-date. However, it doesn’t works for me. But when I update the visual studio editor as well, the intellisense works.

To add to that:
Announcing the Unity extension for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Blog

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