VS Code intellisense not working

Hi there,

For some reason Intellisense does not come up with any suggestions on my Mac in VS CODE
Setup is:
Mac OS: Big Sur 11.4
VS Code: Version: 1.56.2 (Universal)
I have installed the C++ extension for VS Code, which is supposed to do the trick, but it is not working with [Variablename]. meaning dot notation.
However, when I start typing a Variablename of an existing one, it gives me the option to autocomplete.
I’m a bit stuck here.
Any ideas?

If this is with Unreal it seems to be an issue with the extension as others have encountered this.

I suggest you contribute to a thread in vscode-cpptools/issues if one already exists otherwise you should create a new issue with all relevant details.

Nice one, thanks!
The issues keep coming, so I made a post here:

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