VR Treadmill

Not for everyone but maybe in the future they will be more easily available. I think they can fool very well the vestibular system. Con -> not for lazy people.
I’m playing Skyrim VR now and i find a huge difference just if i use Natural Locomotion or not. Teleporting is not an option.

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Definitely a way to solve it. Minecraft is similar in movement but they offer a framed view which completely counteracts the motion sickness because it’s no different than playing on a TV.

Yes, I’m still awaiting a reasonable treadmill solution. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the KatWalk and other similar treadmills (price was easily affordable for the consumer)… but these low-friction treadmill designs just don’t properly mimic real movement and don’t bring the level of immersion I would be looking for (particularly for such a bulky space-consuming device - I’d want something that really works!). Unfortunately, I don’t have an alternative. I’m watching kickstarters and the market in general hoping something comes along that scratches that itch.

There’s also at least one omni-directional active (meaning, the floor moves under the player in all directions) treadmill out there, but it’s way out of consumer ranger ($20k+) and makes a ridiculous amount of noise when in use. Also worth mentioning that design by its very nature will be very high maintenance (just look at all the moving parts - every 1/2" is a band that could move in either the X or the Y with its own motor).

Still hoping this problem can be tackled some way in the reach of the average consumer.

Tredmill wouldn’t actually fool the vestibular system as you aren’t actually moving anywhere. Maybe if the treadmill also tilted you it could work. But it might be enough with all the bobbing around to fool the vestibular and propriosenory systems.