VR Pawn/Character Help (Most likely overlooking something obvious)

Hey there @sampattuzzi

Just been going through the VR course, and I was wondering to ask you, or anyone else a question.

With the pawn setup in the course, we are adding movement input to the direction of the forward vector and right vector respectively from the VR camera.

Now this moves the pawn/character in that direction fine, but I want to actually rotate the pawn itself. Since if we add an arrow component and parent it to the root capsule component. Wherever you spawn, it will always remain to look forward.

This works fine for movement, but when you have code that is specific to the actual actor forward, and there’s a bit of engine code that uses the actor forward (Looking at the Character movement component for networking for instance).

I want to rotate the actual entirety of the pawn to where the camera is facing, but without rotating the camera itself.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I guess you would apply the same trick we do for movement. Rotate the pawn but counter rotate the parent of the camera so that the camera stays pointing the same way.

Hey @sampattuzzi ,

Thank you for the reply, I will try this. I was wondering and this is slightly more related to replication directly. I know the character movement component handles the replication, including the interpolation. To use it’s default setup for replication, Can we be setting the pawns rotation by using set, or should be using add yaw input?

Thank you for the reply,

I’m not sure you would have to experiment and find out.

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