VR Goals - Pico and UE 5.3

Ey up everyone!

I’m developing for the Pico and hoping to branch out my knowledge, coming from a Unity VR background.

Probably in for a nightmare with the Pico and doing this course on UE 5.3 haha.

I’ll be doing this after work or on weekends and probably play about implementing VR into some of my historic gamey projects.

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Hi and welcome to the community.

This is indeed going to be interesting. Things have changed so much with UE5 and VR so don’t be afraid to ask. One key thing to note is when creating a project, start with the VR template project and not a blank one. I’m not sure why but there are issues with the blank project and the VR template works as expected. You can also use the assets in that project which will be handy and use it to get your pico working with UE as well.

Good luck

Hey @OliveJosh

I’ve just enrolled on the Unity VR course and will be using a Pico 4. I’ve done some basic tutorials and had mixed success, both via SteamVR and deploying as APK.

If you’ve got any tips or general advice I’d love to hear it. And love to hear how you’re going with UE too.


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