VR for educational tools

I’m starting with Google cardboard which everybody can effort to buy. My goal not only to develop :video_game: I want to develop for educational tools as well as architectural walk-throughs. My choice of platform is Android.

I have Gear VR and made a simple animated flythrough to prove it worked. As a secondary school teacher in the UK I’ve been struck by how quickly and totally this, and a few other demos, grabbed my pupils’ and colleagues’ attention and now I’m seriously looking into whether it is viable to offer a course based on this technology.

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I am planning to work on Google Cardboard for mobile platforms to develop an interactive virtual learning experience. I will be using an Android OS on a Samsung mobile. This will be my first learning experience for developing VR/AR/MR application.

I will probably add desktop platforms in the future if I am able to pickup things well :slight_smile:

Have you had much success?
I am a lecturer at a local FE college and I am really keen to introduce some simple VR into my curriculum as our learners want a variety of different engaging programming methods.

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