VR course still valid with UE5 & OpenXR API out?

How does the VR course hold up in UE5 now that the SteamVR plugin is deprecated and OpenXR API is out?

VR Performance is awful in UE5. There’s very little of the new features really that you would use. If you start with the VR Template project there seems to be a setting that helps this. However, I’ve not had a chance to explore the new input system in 5.1.

There are also some features not ready in 5 that are present in 4.27 such as video playback - I was trying to set up some 360 video and UE5 doesn’t support it yet.

As for OpenXR, this should work just fine. I’ve not even tried it yet because of the performance issues. 4.27 will happily run at 120fps with a GTX 1060 but you need at least an RTX 3060 for 5.0 and higher for 5.1

Also, 5.1 is pretty unstable at this point in time and we’ve seen issues with importing of assets and a few other things like the new input system.

Finally, if you do want to go with 5, Start with the VR Template like I said and turn off Live Coding - this is critical.

Unless you need the new features offered in 5, I would say you should stick with 4.27 until it improves. The theory of VR still holds true and at it has significantly lower PC requirements.


Yo, thanks so much! I was following along w/ the VR course about a year or so ago and got hung up on a known bug in the engine when it came to assigning hands. I now realize a potential workaround for the specific problem I ran into but decided to spin up a new project.

I’d like to take advantage of the destruction and dynamic LoD offered in UE5 as the entire premise is just fly around and destroy things.

I have found 5.1 to be pretty buggy. I started a BP project from a template, add cpp files, make a base class, make a BP using the cpp base class. Everything works but then when I shut down the editor and relaunch the editor the cpp files are not showing up in the editor, and the base class has been set to null. After several hours I found that launching from VS instead of the epic games launcher solves that problem.

Was it the setowner issue for the hands? From about 4.25 onwards you had to call setowner from the VR character otherwise the controllers did not track. OpenXR will have the exact same issue since it is just a plug in that the motion controllers use and the issue is with components and not the specific vr device libraries.

Remember when using high end features, users will also need massive specs for VR and given most will only have the quest 2, you won’t be able to take advantage of these lovely features. In fact, as high spec as my pc is, I cannot even use them with desktop without seriously low framerates.

They sound good on paper but not everyone has rtx 3080/4090 cards and an i9

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