VR Course Goals

VR Goals

  • Develop C++/Blueprint VR Experience

  • Semi-open world

  • Man-machine teaming in war-gaming scenario

  • Shooting VR game

Follow Course

-Spend 1 - 4 hours every day following course and applying knowledge and skills as I go

Side Project

-Yes, working on a side project vaguely described in goals section. I needed extra help to meet those goals.


-I have a HTC Vive headset

Looking Forward To

  • Learning new skills and filling missing knowledge gaps that will make coding more fun and enjoyable

  • Join a VR community and look for help here.

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VR Goal is to become a top educational VR developer.

I will be spending at least 5 hours a week following the course and applying my knowledge to projects

I will be working on my project which I have to complete before graduation

I have Oculus Quest 2

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