VR Course Goals

Hi there! My name is Kyla. I am currently a software engineer (web applications) at BARK. My passion in computer science started with wanting to make games so I am super excited to learn something new!

What are your VR goals?
My VR goals are to experiment with 3D graphics and game development to see if I would enjoy doing this kind of work (over web development)

How do you plan to follow the course?
I plan to watch at least 2 videos per week and participate in the activities for each video.

Do you have a side project?
My idea for a side project is to develop a world in the perspective of a dog. Not sure what else is possible to do with this idea yet.

What platform have you got?
I have an HTC Vive

What are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to learning a different programming language and platform and having a project to work on in my free time.

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