VR/AR Complete Unity Course

I will love to see a course driven by our awesome teachers about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Unity covering different devices like Gear VR/Oculus, Google Cardboard and such.

I know that might be a course about this matter coming out in Unreal. but hey what about all the Unity lovers around here??? plus I think its easier to develop not just games but also VR/AR apps for mobile phone and computer here in Unity (I might be wrong)

There is not much quality resources about this matter on internet yet and with such a quality courses you guys develop in here I think it will be a reference course for all the VR/AR community!!

back me up guys!!!

@ben @sampattuzzi @Rick_Davidson !!!

Yes, and it should also include the new generation of MR devices such as Acer HP etc.


Thanks for the suggestion, its certainly on the Wish List!


Can I second that (or perhaps it is third). VR is where it will all be happening by the time I finally wrap my head around Unity :smile:

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I would love a VR couse with Unity! It’s why I’m doing these courses in the first place!

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A course like this would be great! I’m interested in VR but I’ve already invested a lot of time learning Unity, so it would be nice to get into VR without having to learn to use Unreal.

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We’d love to re-visit Unity VR (see why we retired our previous Unity VR course) - if we can get enough interest on THIS LINK (around 1000 subscribers) then we’ll start with a YouTube mini-series and from there… :rocket:

In the meantime, if you’d like to access the old content (with the understanding that it’s not being updated or supported) here’s a free coupon for the course: http://gdev.tv/vr :slight_smile:

Oh, and ** clears throat** excuse the Unreal intrusion…I wanted to let you folks know that the new Unreal VR course is out. (Well actually, it’s not ‘officially’ out until May, but if you’re interested - here’s an early access coupon: http://gdev.tv/vrsocial)

Unity rocks :metal:t2: (backs away quietly)


Thanks Lucy!


Thanks for the petition link. I already subscribed to the Unreal VR course, but truth be told. I prefer working in Unity. :slight_smile:

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Yep VR course in unity would be great

In real there was already a Unity VR course but it’s removed because it’s considered old.

I agree anyway about a VR/AR course using Unity since I did at least 2-3 Unity courses and still I need to learn new stuff.

You have my vote :+1:t4:

Please take another look at this.
The Mammoth Interactive courses that floods the subject right now, is just not living up to your high standards of quality, diversity and finesse.

A unity VR course would be great ! =)

Hi Rick,

Do you have any recommendation for Unity and VR course ? since I would like to go to this direction for my research.


We have an Unreal VR course but not a Unity course. Unfortunately I don’t have any good recommendations for you… aside from searching on Udemy for the highest rated course you can find.

Thanks a lot @Rick_Davidson. Are you planning to create a course unity for VR ?

Unfortunately, we don’t have Unity VR plans at the moment. Thanks for letting us know its important to you, that will help our decision making in the future.

I think that you might be missing the boat a little here. While VR and to a lesser extent AR are not yet mature environments I think with the release of devices such as the Oculus Quest VR headsets are gaining more traction in the market. I also think that Unity will be a key platform for developing VR programs, particularly for the kind of indie developers who seem to be prime customers for GameDevTv courses. Although the big development houses are involved in producing VR material I think that VR is still a wide open frontier for indie developers and it is probably this community who will be the drivers for innovation in much the same way they were in the infancy of PC gaming in the '70s and '80s. Of course there are difficulties, interfaces for VR headsets are a moving target and today’s top flight devices may well be practically obsolete in a few years, so such a course would need quite a bit of monitoring and amendment fairly quickly. Consequently it would need a fairly significant on-going effort to keep such a course relevant, but I think that it may well be worth the risk.

As to current training I think that the best course is to look at what is on offer from the manufacturers of headsets. Most of the bigger ones have some kind of Unity interface and often create videos on setting up a developer interface, so pick your device and go for it.

Something to fill the time with for now (I just posted this to one other thread too) - it’s a tweet from Unity today about a new VR “Unity Learn” project:

Edit: Unity took down the earlier tweet and re-tweeted. Updated one put above.