VR/AR Complete Unity Course

I will love to see a course driven by our awesome teachers about Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Unity covering different devices like Gear VR/Oculus, Google Cardboard and such.

I know that might be a course about this matter coming out in Unreal. but hey what about all the Unity lovers around here??? plus I think its easier to develop not just games but also VR/AR apps for mobile phone and computer here in Unity (I might be wrong)

There is not much quality resources about this matter on internet yet and with such a quality courses you guys develop in here I think it will be a reference course for all the VR/AR community!!

back me up guys!!!

@ben @sampattuzzi @Rick_Davidson !!!

Yes, and it should also include the new generation of MR devices such as Acer HP etc.


Thanks for the suggestion, its certainly on the Wish List!


Can I second that (or perhaps it is third). VR is where it will all be happening by the time I finally wrap my head around Unity :smile:

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I would love a VR couse with Unity! It’s why I’m doing these courses in the first place!

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A course like this would be great! I’m interested in VR but I’ve already invested a lot of time learning Unity, so it would be nice to get into VR without having to learn to use Unreal.

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We’d love to re-visit Unity VR (see why we retired our previous Unity VR course) - if we can get enough interest on THIS LINK (around 1000 subscribers) then we’ll start with a YouTube mini-series and from there… :rocket:

In the meantime, if you’d like to access the old content (with the understanding that it’s not being updated or supported) here’s a free coupon for the course: http://gdev.tv/vr :slight_smile:

Oh, and ** clears throat** excuse the Unreal intrusion…I wanted to let you folks know that the new Unreal VR course is out. (Well actually, it’s not ‘officially’ out until May, but if you’re interested - here’s an early access coupon: http://gdev.tv/vrsocial)

Unity rocks :metal:t2: (backs away quietly)


Thanks Lucy!


Thanks for the petition link. I already subscribed to the Unreal VR course, but truth be told. I prefer working in Unity. :slight_smile:

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Yep VR course in unity would be great

In real there was already a Unity VR course but it’s removed because it’s considered old.

I agree anyway about a VR/AR course using Unity since I did at least 2-3 Unity courses and still I need to learn new stuff.

You have my vote :+1:t4:

Please take another look at this.
The Mammoth Interactive courses that floods the subject right now, is just not living up to your high standards of quality, diversity and finesse.

A unity VR course would be great ! =)

Hi Rick,

Do you have any recommendation for Unity and VR course ? since I would like to go to this direction for my research.


We have an Unreal VR course but not a Unity course. Unfortunately I don’t have any good recommendations for you… aside from searching on Udemy for the highest rated course you can find.

Thanks a lot @Rick_Davidson. Are you planning to create a course unity for VR ?

Unfortunately, we don’t have Unity VR plans at the moment. Thanks for letting us know its important to you, that will help our decision making in the future.