Volumetric update for City and War2 Town Hall

Hi everyone,

I just would like to share the updated versions of the projects I made so far.

Aside from the volumetric fog addition, the archway / bridge mock up got some extra lights in between the archways. The sewer entrance got a grate, which was made after I watched the ‘Repeating the Last Operation’ video (if I remember correctly).

I created some pine trees, which are visible in the background of the Warcraft 2 themed Town Hall scene. With the fog applied, the trees nicely blend into the background. I wanted make the main building evenly lit from the camera angle I used, so in order to achieve that, I used 3 Sun type lights. I have to tweak a little bit more with the lighting settings. Also, what I forgot is to turn off “Cast Shadows”, but the final render looks okay to me so, I left it the way it is for the time being.

I hope you enjoyed this little summary.

Cheers! :smile:


Both scenes coming on very well.

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This is beautiful, The feelings i get from the atmosphere make me want to see more!

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Thanks! Glad to read it!

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