Volumetric lit bathroom

I’m not too sure about it, had to up it to 1000 samples with 0.02 volume density and it’s still very noisy


The more light sources you have/the brighter/stronger the light source is, you’ll have to render at higher samples (I’d say try 5000+) if you don’t want to compromise quality by reducing the amount of bounces, reflections, resolution, and so on.

Speaking of which, what resolution are you rendering at?

P.s. The parking lot I made in this post I rendered at 7000 samples because less caused noise to show wherever the lights where hitting. And this was rendered only at 1920x1200, 100% scale. I could of also fixed the noise by deleting a few light sources and making the ones I had brighter, or decreasing the resolution, but I didn’t want to compromise quality. Took like two hours to render :stuck_out_tongue: I guess this is why commercial rendering companies exist xD.

I rendered at 1920x1080, but it looks like gamedev processed the image I uploaded to change the resolution (maybe because it’s a png) here’s a jpg


Still kinda noisy, my only suggestions would be to render at a much higher sample rate, or either turn down the light or the amount of bounces the light makes.

Something that helped with my outdoor scene was changing the color management.

Google Filmic Blender. It replaces the default Color Management system. With it, I was able to crank up the sun in my scene without blowing out the lighting. Blender has a very low F-stop, around 8. When filmic blender is installed, it cranks it up to something like 25! (See: https://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/secret-ingredient-photorealism/) I don’t know if it will get rid of the fireflies, but having the light at a more natural level might help because the reflected light will be bouncing “more correctly”. So now, my sun can have an intensity

Be warned, you’ll have to download it from gitHub and replace some of the files in your blender directory. I did this a few months ago, and have been incredibly pleased with the results in my renders.

Latest Blender prerelease has denoising capability, here’s the scene again with denoising and slightly different lighting.


How did you change the lighting?

You mean how did I add the fog volume? I used the volume absorption shader I think. I made a cube the size of the room and put the volume absorption into the volume shader. Then it’s fiddling with the density parameter and the light strength to get something you like the look of.


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