Volume Light Studio

I’l stick to my studio stage. I have to say I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to bake the entire scene to prepare for animation. I was hoping to learn a little about limitations and optimizations…

Anyways, here I did a Full Global Illumination render and then a more optimized with limited light-paths, so I really could to compare. The difference is clear and the difference in render time is almost ridiculous.

Full Global Illumination: 1 hours rendering @ 1920x1080 800s. A warmer full lighting full of nuances.

Limited Light Paths + tricks: 10 min rendering @ 1920x1080 800s. A slighly colder light and detached feel to background.


( Sat Jul 29 2017 14:05 )

Finally found some time to finish the GrandPiano. Sorry for bad render…


Nice scene! Are you modeling it after a real studio?

No, it’s the one I would have built 1990:ish if I had the money … but …

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