VisualStudio Code won't run due to AntiVirus software

I am ready to give up on learning " Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games". I have spent the day re-doing the section of the course on ObstacleAssault. Everytime I get to installing VisualStudio Code. It won’t compile. My eSet Antivirus program keeps blocking it from compiling the Actor “MovingPlatform”. I have deleted the Obstacle Assault file multiple times, started over and still go the same result. I have permanently deleted it and am not sure I will continue the course. I don’t know how to manage what my anitvirus protection does and how to change it. A hacker could probably get into my system quicker than I can.

Same problem. I managed using vs instead of vs code and it works. But i was kinda stuck all day, not nice for begginers

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