Visual Studio unable to upload my project!

Hello @sampattuzzi @ben , unfortunately for some reason idont know in this stage after i created the (Gun) from an Actor class, i realized that my visual studio cant upload my project , i tried every thing and generated it many times and opened it from many places with no results, please see the pictures :

When you installed VS did you ensure the Windows 8 SDK was installed? If you aren’t sure how to check, go back to the install video to see what I mean.

I did , and after i did this time the same result but the compiler error tells me this:

now i re-download 2017 visual studio like the video , but this time giving me these 3 errors , how to solve ?!!! @sampattuzzi @ben

authors of the project need to make it work with current state of software, i.e. VS 2017 + UE 4.16

check the solution from this link , it will compile but i dont know why when i press play it will crash @oli @sampattuzzi

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