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I’ve had an ongoing problem with VS 2017 source control that didn’t bother me until the last lesson I completed. I’ve found that if I make changes in Unreal Studio, I can submit them to source control with no problem. However, if I make changes ONLY in Visual Studio, I get the following error:

“The current solution has projects that are located outside the solution file… Please consolidate all projects under a single folder.”

Okay, fine. But what are the names of the projects? If I move them around will they cause errors in Unreal? I would like to fix this problem so that I can keep accurate commits when I’m just making changes to the C++ code. Thanks.

Could you show me what you’re seeing along with your solution explorer? I don’t really use VS’ git integration so not that familiar with it.

Hello again Dan. Here is the error that I’m getting:

And here is what my solution explorer looks like:

Can’t seem to reproduce on my end. What exactly does that, staging files? Committing files?

If you go to File->Add to Source Control and click, the warning window pops up.

If I go to Tools->Options->Source Control my plug in is Git. Okay, no problem. So I open my Git GUI and despite the warning being there, I can see the code changes in only the C++ files sitting in my unstaged files. I made a commit message, committed the changes and pushed. My remote repository updates fine. I think it’s just a VS bug. I’ll make some changes tomorrow night and report back here if this problem is indeed fixed.

Ok now I get that. “Add To Source Control” is VS’ doing git init along with creating a gitignore and gitattributes stage and commit those files. Clearly this tool isn’t designed to handle an Unreal project so fails at the latter half of that, so it’s just doing git init and adding those two files.

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