Visual Studio license expiration bug?

Visual Studio Community is complaining about an expired license. I am running the free version. Of what I can find on google included a support thread that essentially ended with “our engineers don’t have enough to go on to resolve this” dated from a while back and a project on git you uppack and run to rewrite your registry to manually update the expiration date which doesn’t seem entirely kosher. Other people must be running into this issue but I don’t see any threads for it. Any simple solutions would be appreciated. My internet connection is clearly working but I don’t know what “checking my proxy” amounts to but having seen this issue in the above mentioned support thread, I really don’t think that is the issue. My other options at this point seems like starting another account or uninstalling 2017 and updating to VSC 2019.



Have you already tried to click on the blue link that says “Check for an updated license”? Make sure no antivirus and no firewall are blocking VS.

Yes, definitely. The message below it is what appears after it fails. I’ll look into the antivirus and firewall angle.

Attempted to update the license with my firewall and antivirus off. Same result. :frowning_face:

Please follow this instruction:

Also try to log into your account on the Microsoft website.

These are just instructions for updating to VSC 2019…

None of those worked. Installing VSC2019 (which I was trying to avoid) let’s me use it. Even with VSC2019 installed, VSC2017 still does not work.

Do you have a firewall or an antivirus program that could be blocking VS?

both were disabled.

If uninstalling and reinstalling VS 2017 does not help and if you cannot make that version run run, please use VS 2019.

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Sad there isn’t a solution but had to go with VS 2019. I got ignored in discord chat. maybe posted at the wrong time but 2 people were going back and forth about something and my question just got buried and i didn’t want to just spam my question.

Did installing VS 2019 help?

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