Visual Studio Code Showing incorrect errors

I’m having this issue where Visual Studio Code comes up with errors all over the place. There is not anything stopping it from running properly. It’s very annoying because it won’t autocomplete when it thinks there is an error.

I had this problem with the first component we created in the building escape course. But it seems to be fixed in that one.

The first error up at the #include “GameFramework/Actor.h” is:

#include errors detected. Consider updating your compile_commands.json or includePath. Squiggles are disabled for this translation unit (C:\Users\Documents\Unreal Projects\BuildingEscape\Source\BuildingEscape\OpenDoor.cpp).

Has anyone experienced something like this?
Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

VS Code has bugs.
Some people get them fixed.
There are so many threads on this issue.

That’s my VSCode, after a great deal of troubleshooting and speaking with support staff here.

Seriously, how do comment tags generate an error??

Intellisense has problems finding the #include files, then doesn’t know what to do with the functions.

The solution is to disable Intellisense and try to follow the lectures without it - look through the Unreal Documentation instead whenever the lectures use Intellisense.

You will most likely spend so many hours trying to fix this.
Sorry it’s not the solution you want to hear.

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Unreal doesn’t automatically update the compileCommands file that IntelliSense uses whenever you create new files so you have to do that yourself via File > Refresh VS Code Project within Unreal.

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Thank you!

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