Visual Studio Code open UE editor?

Hello, it is possible to open the UE editor from the visual studio code just like we do in the visual studio community by pressing ctrl f5?

Yes, are you not able to do that?

I couldn’t, I have to open the editor through the .uproject file. In the Visual Studio Community, just click Ctrl + F5 and the editor opens normally.
In VS Code I’m going to Run Build Task, MyProjectEditor Win64 Development Build and compiles normally, but don’t open the Editor.

What version of Unreal are you using?


That is most likely the issue as 4.25 kinda broke VS Code projects

Yes, probably.

Well, I only remember the Intellisense error that came with UE 4.25, are there any more errors?

Not sure, I only tested Mike’s BC project which I have on 4.22 as that already has the .vscode-workspace.