Visual Studio Autofill

When I created the CursorAffordance.cs my autofill no longer works properly.
When I type [Serialize… does not autofill. Nothing here properly autofills. What dictates how autofill functions?
My other scripts seem to autofill. I show no errors.
I am using Unity 2017.2

Hi @CatttDaddy,

That can happen sometime. Try to cleanly close Visual Studio, and open it again for example by double-clicking on that script in Unity.

Hope this helps

Try to add your script directly in your visual studio, this should fix the problem.

Be sure you have included every namespace with using at the top of your document, you need. SerializeField needs "using UnityEngine; " at the top. If auto fill just doesn’t start up, press CTRL+Space. This should give you all the possibilities for in your case “[Serialize…”.

Sometime Visual Studio is a bitch and must be restarted.

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