Visibility Trace Channel what does it do?

Hi there was playing about after the lecture and marked the Gargoyle statue to ignore the visibility channel, so was expecting not to see it when I pressed played. ( I assumed that the its default of block was so that the camera picks it up, or can be picked up by the camera when its in the camera field of view.) But it was still visible.

I went on the unreal forum found a thread asking the same question, but was never answered .

So would someone be able to explain it ? Or point me to a good reference that explains it well for a beginner :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

I haven’t used Unreal for a while so take this with a grain of salt, but, I think the visibility trace is meant to just give a response if an object is in the field of view and not obscured by another object. It’s kind of like a collision event but for what you see. I think it could also maybe be used for something like AI spotting a player.

Regardless, I’m pretty confident it’s not meant to make things invisible.

You can always refer to documentation when you’re not sure what something does, though admittedly this one isn’t very descriptive.

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Have you read this blog post?


Thank you Both :slight_smile:
That Blog post is exactly what I was looking for, thank you Dan.

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