Violet Police Department made from a repurposed factory! (Edit 2)

Been working on this between lectures, adding onto it whenever something new is learned. Just have a blank model so far without a ground mesh, I think I’ll start adding textures slowly. I wanted to add a parking-lot on the right and the garage will have a ramp going downwards. It’s inspired by the RPD in Resident Evil and the GCPD of Gotham City. What do you guys think? Any ideas for further details to add before I start texturing? I can’t help but feel that I’m missing a ton of them… >.>

Will edit and update as the work progresses!

Edit 1: I added a garage, :smiley: again no textures… yet >.>

Edit 2/New Pictures: Is in the comments bellow / / / :smile:


This is really great work my friend!! have you finished this model since you made this post? Any update pics? Looks really cool!!


@rszarka Thank you so much for the compliment :smiley:

I have not yet added to that as I’m trying to find someone to help us with hand painted textures. I’m making all these scenes for a short animation, and we want it to have a cell-shaded feel, so we’re trying to find the right person/people for all the work that’ll have to be done by hand.

But I DO have another scene I’ve been working on :slight_smile:, it’s a eerie trail in an Autumn forest, again there are no textures, I have not yet made grass (it’ll be a particle system), and I haven’t made anything ground level wise like shrubs and other debris (Oh and I’m going to mirror it, or align renders so it looks deeper).

There are two renders, one from each side of the trail (took me like all day to render at 6000 samples :dizzy_face:), let me know what you think :grin:.

Here are some screenshots of how it looks in Blender, I’m posting that as well cause I myself always enjoy seeing the raw footage. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 1,138,505 vertices :astonished: and not even done yet.

Let me know if anyone wants to know how anything was made, I’d be happy to share! :relaxed:


wow, thats fantastic looking, ill be keeping my beady eye on this. great work!


Wow this is so cool!

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Thank you :smiley: @OboShape & @Motoko It’s something I’ve been dabbing with between lectures xD can’t wait to see what I can do when I finally finish them all! Ill keep posting new stuff as it comes out :slight_smile:.

P.s. I’m always looking for collaborations!


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