Viewing course videos offline

I have unreliable internet availability during the day. It’s nearly impossible to complete even a short video.
My internet service during the evening (different service provider) is rock solid and responsive.
Is there a way I can download course videos during the evening and play them during the day?

If you have an Android device you can download the Udemy app from Google Play Store and that gives you the ability to download the video lectures.

Correct. What noise said.

Also works on iOS devices.

Unfortunately, PCs do not allow that option on Udemy natively as they do on the mobile versions.

I work away alot offshore for a few weeks at a time, so I’ve got an android emulator that I use for that purpose to study while im away from home. as I cant use my phone at work.

Thanks Noise, I am not sure I would get much from viewing the videos on my phone’s tiny screen. Do you know a way to transfer lectures from the phone to my desktop?
Thanks again!

No, I don’t know how to do that sorry.

What I have done though is cast from my the Udemy app on my android device using a Chromecast plugged into my TV.

OboShape, can you provide more details on the Android Emulator? I’m
interested in a URL where I can find out more about it and what kind of
workstation is required.

Thanks Noise - that is an interesting way to view the courses.
Thanks again

This is an Android emulator I have used in the past:

Some Udemy courses allow for the course to be downloaded, but not all. It is actually up to the individual instructor if they would like to do that. The main issue with allowing the content to be downloaded is piracy. Why pay for the course when someone just links it up on a torrent for free? Not to say that any in our community would do that, but with the exception of 3 community members, I don’t know everyone else that well :slight_smile:

Yep, very true Eric. From my personal standpoint, I’ve paid for an emulator so I can test Unity in multiple modes sizes etc, and paid for a few courses as I feel its a small price to allow me to continue to learn without taking 3 weeks away from study at a time.

But, there are some nefarious characters out there on the interweb that will put a black spot on things and is inevitable. but in my mind, paying for a service allows me to not only get content, but also support from a wide community and more importantly facilitates funding more courses in the future :slight_smile:

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