VFX not showing up

The VFX don’t show up. It’s not a sorting layers or BG sprite issue; BG sprite removed and they still don’t render, and I’ve messed with the sorting layers of the BG sprite and the VFX renderer for an hour. read all the other posts here that had the same issue, tried everything they did, nothing works. The VFX does display if I just double-click it in the presets, but not if I instantiate it. I’ve added a debug line to make sure the instantiation is getting called, and it is. My prefab for the blocks has the VFX serialized, that all looks good. I’m stumped.

Hi Gibgezr,

Is the position of the background set to z = 10?

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Yes, although I have tried many other postions for the z value. Currently at 10, nothing showing up for the VFX when I run the game.

Please share more information on what you did in Unity. Screenshots would be helpful.

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