Very unresponsive editor interface

I’m really struggling to get anything in Unreal Engine done, because I find the user interface very unresponsive. Editing numbers in the details panel for example is a complete pain, because my keyboard strokes just don’t register at all or sometimes after a very long delay. Similar with mouse entry to the main editor window, especially in 3D view (it is a bit better if I use any of the 2D top or side views).

I’m not sure if this is a general performance issue (I’m on a mini pc, which is not the fastest machine on earth, but it is well over the minimum requirements for Unreal Engine), or an issue with my wireless keyboard and mouse (which I have known to act up with some games as well, in Skyrim for example I encountered similar issues with keyboard input).

Does anyone have similar problems? It frustrates me no end and makes following the exercises from the course really annoying.

I don’t know much about UE, but if you’re using a wireless keyboard/mouse, I’d put my money on that, especially if you experienced similar issues with other software on the same machine.

I recognize the sort of input lag you’re describing, and I also got that from my wireless keyboard before I switched to wired. Also, I played Skyrim on a laptop that wasn’t quite up to par; I chugged along at 8-10fps until I burned the thermal paste out of the CPU… but I never had any (framerate-independent) input lag, even under those conditions.

Wireless stuff is cool, but it’s also notorious. If you can get a hold of anything wired to test with, I’d give that a shot =)

Unreal engine 5 has some pretty huge requirements. A 10th gen i7, AMD equivalent or higher spec cpu, 32gb ram with 64gb preferred and 2x ssds, one for os and one for unreal are needed. Additionally you need a decent gpu and it does depend on your monitor too. I use a 3060ti with 8gb ram using 2x 4k monitors but sometimes it gets a little sluggish. I would say a 2060 ti or higher spec card (AMD equivalent) is the minimum there.

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t recommend less for a development pc. My spec is close to that spec but I used a 3rd SSD dedicated to projects mainly because I have 8 or 9 UE versions installed and another 6 versions or more of Unity which takes up a lot of space.

You might get away with a newer Cpu that is an i5 (13th and 14th gen perhaps) but the rest, ram, gpu and ssds are critical.

My old PC was an i5 mini PC and it just could just about handle unreal 4.20 and a 10 series nvidia card (1060 anyway) will not cut it for ue5. Saying that, I had to wait a long time for shaders and C++ builds.

So, if you are experiencing slowdown it may well be your PC spec. As it is a powerful and resource heavy piece of software.

Good wireless kit shouldn’t perform poorly but I often switch to wired. Windows 11 I found doesn’t play well with wireless hardware but that could be the motherboard.

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