Very disappointed of you guys at

I find it absolutely outrageous to sell this course in a pure Unreal 5 bundle without even once mentioning anywhere that this course is for Unreal 4
I bought this bundle only for this course because I thought that it is for Unreal 5
You could at least wrote it in the description on humble bundle but it seems like you dont mention it on purpose (The other course describtion immedetly starts with Mention unreal 5)
I m very disappointed


Unreal Engine 4 vs. 5 is not the same kind of stark difference as UDK/UE3 versus UE4. It’s a new rollout with new technologies, but the core engine and most of its systems are the same. You’ll find that many of the courses were updated, even multiple times in some cases (originally the 5.0 C++ course was for UE 4.20 then redone for a later version). In this case I think a few forewords have been added to quickly go over UI differences, which is the main concern. BP scripts also don’t have nearly as many issues converting from 4 to 5 compared to C++ from my experience.

More importantly, Blueprints have remained similar to their previous release. From my experience the courses always leave disclaimers when a serious change happens between versions, and this goes for ALL versions including some significant 5.1 related ones. It’s still possible that a more substantial course remake will happen, but for now this course is more than usable for UE5. If that does happen, your course automatically upgrades as they did for the Blender Character Creator and UE C++ courses.

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Hi leonoben,

Thank-you for your honest feedback as we do appreciate it.
There is not much i can add to anchorlights reply to your post as it covers most of what i would have said as well.
Everything in the course should translate over to unreal 5.0 without any issues at all. We have added in some cases a file for 5.1 as there are some changes that dont translate over from 4 but a small document is all that is needed to translate over.

There is one major change in 5.1 (Which is not what the course is advertised on), which is to do with the new input system that unreal are implementing and as this is still in flux in the way it works we have not yet included it in the course.
There will be however at some point in the future (Its in production as far as i know) as document to explain the changes and a link to Stephen Ullibari’s youtube channel showing how to convert to the new system, As its a series of videos totally 5 hours it will be incorporated into the course when its remastered and the input system is a bit more concrete.

Hope this helps with whats going on with the course and the other courses are in 5.0 and the “coming soon” course will also be in 5.0.


I have to agree with @leonoben on this one. I came here to say what he said and was honestly not that surprised that someone else had said it already. This is a bit frustrating and disappointing. False advertising…I feel like Humble Bundle wouldn’t have pushed this through if they knew it was inaccurate. Unreal didn’t take the time, money, and effort making UE5 if it wasn’t a worthy improvement and redesign compared to UE4. The main issue is not whether or not it will work or can be converted later or the concepts can be applied later. The issue for me is the primary reason I chose this instead of a different one from a different provider, is because it was marketed as UE5 which meant that I would be able to seamlessly follow along step-by-step in the same UI and layout as the video is. Instead, now I have to spend additional time and effort translating to UE5, because I sure as heck am not going to redownload and reinstall UE4.x to learn something I’m going to have to figure out again when I go back to UE5.

I have to say, I also am even more disappointed to find that the official GameDev.TV response is just parroting a comment that essentially dismisses the original complaint. The fact that UE4 and UE5 blueprints have close to the same backend does not justify a response using whataboutism to dismiss it. The difference between UDK/UE3 vs UE4 is irrelevant to the fact that UE4 is different from UE5. We aren’t complaining about the severity of the difference, but it is laid out differently and is much easier to follow within the same interface, something I really had my hopes up for since it is harder to find tutorials and educational materials for UE5 vs UE4. Hopes of which are now impossible to satisfy because I haven’t even started the courses yet and I’m already annoyed and no longer in the mood to learn because it is the same content I could have found for free 3 years ago, much less today. I can find an abundance of UE4 tutorials and learning on YouTube. I would’ve saved my money, had I known that I was buying a bunch of UE4 courses that were packaged as UE5 courses. The title of the bundle tiers are literally “Learn to Make Games in Unreal Engine 5.” I do not want to have to go through another document that explains the changes and a link to a free YouTube video from Stephen Ullbari’s already freely available content to convert to a new system.

I expect UE5 to be incorporated already when I buy courses that are described as “Learn to Make Games in Unreal Engine 5.” I don’t want to wait for a remaster This is what I paid for and I was told it would be provided upon purchase.

Unfortunately, after I extract what I can from these old tutorial videos you guys have packaged falsely and resold, I won’t be able to continue doing business with this company in good faith, because I was immediately met on my first impression with a bad faith attempt at gaining business on older content. If you are interested in regaining my business and making a good faith effort to make this right, you will offer me an unconditional refund or some sort of credit for courses that are in UE5 (by whatever means necessary, as it was purchased through Humble Bundle). Otherwise, I’ll have to consider the attempt (and success) at convincing me to purchase as a bad faith action on the part of GameDev.TV

As for @Marc_Carlyon, having been on this platform in the past and enjoyed prior courses on a separate account, I find it puzzling that if your greatest pleasure is seeing what students create, and watch them grow in confidence, that you are defending this company’s decision to conduct business this way, and not mentioning that you will be discussing the concern internally to come up with a better solution to disappointed customers than “The issue isn’t really and issue, and here is why: blah blah.”

Is Ben aware of these complaints and the responses being provided as the official response to the complaints? Failure to either provide a refund or comparable courses in Unreal Engine 5 will be even more disappointing because it is literally access to old courses from a platform that hasn’t been the standard for quite awhile now, and you have nothing to lose by providing refund and/or course access to something that applies to what I believed I was paying for. You are accepting people’s money under the guise of something it is not, and then justifying it. It is disrespectful to those who work hard for their money and trust that because your name is on it, that it will be what you say it is. Anything less is just a slap in the face for us trusting your brand.


I agree with you 100%, the response from is again very disappointing.
I tried to do the course only to find that some parts are completely outdated and I had to do a lot of googling which makes the course slow and not very fun. I stopped at BSP Geometry because that chapter was just totally outdated. Unreal 5.1 has a great new modeling system. I know the focus of this course is on Blureprint, but any instructor should avoid teaching such outdated methods that I think do more harm than good.
I will try to refund the courses on the Humble Bundle site and will avoid courses in the future, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to finding a good site for courses
I am very disappointed

I’m sorry for the confusion over UE4 / UE5 courses in this bundle. We could’ve definitely done better at including the version numbers for all the courses, not just showing which ones were in UE5.
That’s an oversight on our part for not updating the older course titles, and we’ll work to do better in future bundles.
I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken courses with us before, we do frequently update the content to newer versions, and then give the new, updated content to students for free. So while some of the content is currently in Unreal 4, it’s likely it will be updated to 5 in the future - though I can’t give you a specific timeline for that.
We also worked with the instructors to add article lectures explaining how to take the course in the newer versions and, as with all our courses, we have our Teaching Assistants available to help if you get stuck.
That said, I completely understand why you’d feel disappointed if your expectation was that all the courses would be taught in UE5. Again, it wasn’t our intention to mislead anyone. Ensuring our students have a positive experience is at the heart of everything we do, and I’m sorry that hasn’t happened for you.
I’d love for you to give us another chance, and see if you find value in any of the other courses in the bundle. However I also understand if you’d rather ask Humble bundle for a refund and they should be able to process this for you. Do reach out to me directly ( if you need any assistance with this, or have any other questions / feedback.

Don’t worry about UE5
We need an immediate update to UE5.1. The whole user interface is completely different from anything previous.
Even characters that are compatible to UE5, need their interface blueprints reworked to effectively work in UE5.1.

Okay, I can’t believe the exact same issue is there still (or again) with the HumbleBundle available one year later. This is my very first experience both with Unreal Engine and with I’m a seasoned C++ developer, so I’m pretty sure I will move on to C++ instead of Blueprints relatively quickly. I just chose the Blueprints course first, because it was marked with a little “start here” flag in the “My courses” section. And what the hell? I mean, I understand that there are minor changes to expect when you move on from an older version of the engine to a new one. But the fact that there was a note about issues with the physics engine when migrating from UE4 to UE5.1 or later suggested to me that that migration was nevertheless feasible. And the fix for the physics engine problem worked like a charm. I’m also absolutely able and willing to search for things that might now be located at different places in the ui etc. But with the BSP geometry thing, the whole course falls apart a bit. (I did find the new geometry tab with some effort, but I can’t for the death of me figure out how to subtract geometry shapes now, so I can’t put a hole in my floor).
Again, I understand that these things take time and a new course (or corrections/additions to the old one) don’t happen overnight. But these complaints are almost a year old. And with the new Humble Bundle, nothing has changed and there wasn’t a word of warning about this. In the course that very likely is the first one that new customers come into contact with if they (like me) encounter for the first time this way. That’s a very weak performance and it really makes me doubt the whole bundle now. Which is a shame, because I only heard good things about the courses so far.

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It may be unintentional, but I think your statement here is downplaying a big point int he criticism. The criticism isn’t simply that the individual courses weren’t clearly labeled as to whether they were for UE4 or UE5, but rather that the entire bundle was titled “Make Your Own Games with Unreal Engine 5”.

I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that the miscommunication wasn’t on purpose, but this comes off sounding like you are shifting the blame here. This statement makes it sound like the problem was that people are disappointed because they incorrectly assumed the courses were for UE5. The “expectation” was because the name of the bundle is explicitly stating that it is a bundle for UE5. But that wasn’t true.

Sure, the course titles should have been more clearly named, but the title of the bundle should have been true and accurate.

I also was rather surprised to find out this lesson was for UE4. I was about to sit down and start this course tonight and now I’m feeling rather unsure of what to do next. Do I try to go ahead with this course with my installed UE5 and try to figure out how to solve problems caused by differences when they arise? Should I install an older version of UE4 so I can follow along better, but perhaps be learning things that will be obsolete? Or do I just give up before I even begin and consider this course to be dead on arrival and find another learning source?

I don’t know, but I am disappointed by the situation.

My recommendation would be to either install UE 4.27 or continue on with UE 5.X, though it is the absolute best to use the version of UE that’s used in the course (when possible).

Blueprints don’t change a whole lot between unreal versions and differences in the editor can be overcome with some research or asking the TA (that’s me) for help.

It may be just me but I don’t believe there is a need to be disappointed or complain about the title.
The title says Make Your Own Games with Unreal Engine 5 and if you get the 1$ bundle you get an Unreal Engine 5 course, and there are many more (4) very clearly titled Unreal Engine 5 in the same bundle, complaining about the only Unreal Engine 4 course in the whole bundle sound too much in my opinion.

This course is obviously a bonus added to the mix and there is nothing wrong with that, the lessons in it are still useful even if using Unreal Engine 5, and the small difference can be resolved with a small Google search or asking in the community.

It sounds dramatic to me to claim to be disappointed and complain about a bundle after trying only ONE of the product out of 14 when it’s not the main product of the bundle. :grimacing:

If you take time to go through the 14 products I’m 200% certain that you would have made more than one game in Unreal Engine 5 and can probably start your own game which is funny enough is the title of the bundle :exploding_head:

Hey sorry you are annoyed by this. I’m sure you are aware stuff like this is a moving target. What i will say in GDTVs defense is this: I have used loads of instruction platforms. not one of them is anywhere near as responsive as GDTV. i can tell you from personal experience they never let any question i have ever sit for long( i dont think i have even waited 24 hrs). i think brian( one of the teaching aides) actually replied to a question i had in the middle of the night on new years.

Id really recommend that if you have feedback on a specific issue in a course post something about it as a comment in the lesson. you will find, as you do courses that they regularly update them based on student input. Unfortunately i have been doing the unity stuff, so i don’t know how to help you with the unreal geometry, but if you post it as an ASK specifically in the lesson you are on, someone will help you.


I totally understand that it is a moving target. My issue is not so much with the course. I consciously made the decision to give it a go, even though I knew it was for Unreal Engine 4 (and actually I gave up on it and changed to one of the Unreal Engine 5 courses by now ). It was more about the fact that the original poster complained about the issue a year ago, Lucy apologized for it and said “yeah, we could have labelled that better” and then they did the exact same thing for another bundle a whole year later.

Also, Marc’s claim that apart from the physics engine issue mentioned in the course note for UE 5.1 everything should translate just fine is just bull****. When it comes to the BSP brushed and to the lighting, nothing translates exactly as presented in the course. Which I’m sure isn’t an issue for anyone who is already familiar with Unreal Engine. But for a complete beginner’s course, it just generates a lot of extra hassle. I found myself spending way more time on figuring out where to find things in the new engine version or finding the solution that was closest to that from the course than I spent with the actual course material itself. And I’m a very tech savvy seasoned programmer with more then 20 years of professional experience. I’m very used to figuring out this kind of ****. I just think it makes the course unsuitable as a beginner course for total newbies and is not doing itself any favors by still including this course in the bundle. That’s all I’m saying.

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