Vertex, extrude completed. Camera blurr problem

When I take my camera back for capturing full image it is getting blurr. Can I take photo in Look dev mode?

You can always make a screen dump, from the Dev Mode !

I not sure what mean by blurr.

  • You can modify a camera to blurr the environment, of the object in focus.
  • If you copy mesh objects (Alt+d or Shift+d), but forgot to move them. Then two object are fighting for the same spot. Which gives strange flat faces. Delete a duplicated object.
  • In DEV mode clipping of an object can occur (missing parts in front or at the back). This is normal Blender behavior. Probably you scalled yoy object out side the Blender camera (clipping) boundaries. (scale your object). Or increase camera clipping boundaries.

But, as I said earlier, it’s difficult to say whats wrong.

More info …


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