Version control

do you use a version control if so what one

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Blender default version control can be seen by saving the .blend file.
It has ‘-’, and ‘+’ buttons to decrease or increase the number in the filename.

For beginners, save a lot and use this basic file version control. I did file saving this way a lot! But It isn’t helpful for things like my “default_cube”, and my “cube_with_bevels”.

Just use it when you do try things out for the first time, when you merge objects (for sculpting), etc. Those unrecoverable and destructive moments.

If you think, I’m going to use it in the future, sure a good idea. But at the beginning of the Blender journey. Your models don’t have that much reuse, because new insights and techniques will be improved. It is better to restart than spend a lot of time tweaking a model which is in a bad state of design.

Currently, I mostly have two versions. The one I’m working on and a fail-safe copy. Created just before I do destructive things. If you have multiple backup copies, none of them will have a reusable state. Because each copy will probably have an item that you want to use, pre-reserve or else. But I’m a more experienced Blender user. I know upfront which kind of actions are dangerous.

If you mean GIT as version control. Yeah sure, but your .blend file isn’t a piece of code. Cherry-picking some objects etc. Just use small objects and store them as an Asset in an Blender asset file structure. If you create a new version of it, copy and save under a new asset.

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