Vectors and operations that involve vectors

Hello, I have been following your “Math For Video Games” course and I can say I was able to understand the basic concepts and theories behind Vectors and Quaternions and the rotation but my problem is that since I’ve started to learn more about advanced concepts and tutorials specifically In UE4 such as mantling/vaulting systems or climbing systems or wall-running things which involve operations on vectors and rotators I could feel I’m getting lost and I’m not able to keep track of what exactly is happening anymore, for example, there was one time I was watching a tutorial about a manteling system and I was trying to understand and make sense of everything that was being Taught but at some point, I encountered with a situation that there were about 5 LineTraceforObjects being used Continuously in a way that the out hit data of one was being mutated and then being used for another one and I was almost convinced that he was making these stuffs up , unfortunately, there is no in-depth explanation in these kinds of videos and It makes things worse.
now I need some help and tips to find a way so I can understand these heavy solutions so that I can actually use them and make my own ways to deal with these types of problems which require these kinds of ways.
I apologize for my long question

This may fall more into algorithm design, rather than pure math.
However, to get a better understanding of it, it may be worth writing down the process on paper to try and deconstruct what’s going on.
Try to keep track of everything that’s happening to values before and after a change, as this might help you to visualize how things are being modified.

Raycasting (line trace) is generally used to check your surroundings. So it may be that they’re checking for objects near the player and then changing something to either avoid or enforce a collision.
It’s really hard to say without fully breaking down the algorithm you’re working with though.

I apologize for my late reply,
I’m going to try my best to understand the algorithm and make sense of It as you guided me and I’m working on similar codes simultaneously so I can have a better understanding of these types of codes.
It will be perfect if I can find generic tips and solutions that these types of algorithms use.

unfortunately that, I can say my code is so messy and long, I’m not sure how I can provide It here so that is readable but as I go along I try to take screenshots of smaller pieces of my codes In which I get stuck If needed.
thank you so much for your help

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