Vector Breaker

Welp, I finally finished it. The game was super fast, so I turned autoplay into a mechanic. Check it out here:


This was a good looking game. I liked the feel of it and the look. Felt like I was walking the Vegas strip with the neon flashing. The only problem was the website had a black background and so I could not tell where the boundaries were. You should change the background color of the website if possible so you can easily see the boundary.

Thanks! I had a lot of ideas for the visuals and not many for the mechanics :p. Good call on the site bg, I totally overlooked that.

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I went back a played it on my gaming rig. I could easily make out the boundary now. That is a good improvement. I notice one game play mechanic that could be polished.

The right click to auto-play is very jarring. It warps your paddle to the right spot and then when you run out of time it warped back. It felt really weird. The way I would improve it is to have move towards the correct spot from where it is at. That way it does not warp but tries to correct itself. You would need to allow for longer periods of holding it down however since now the user will have to waste some of it on transitioning to the correct spot. That would feel much better. As a player I feel more in control of the paddle even when using the Auto-play feature.

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Nice, points well taken.

I added a fast lerp to autoplay, increased the max time to a second, and rewrote the movement code so that instead of mapping the paddle to where the cursor is, it uses Input.GetAxisRaw to check modifications to the x axis and then adds them to the paddle’s transform. I also hid the cursor so that it isn’t distracting; not a perfect solution if the game isn’t full-screened & the mouse moves beyond the play area, but I think my only other option is to take full control of the cursor at the OS level and write cases for each OS? It’d definitely be reusable code, but man… man. I’m almost talking myself into it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, thanks again for the feedback!


I like the improvement on the auto-play feature. I agree with on the disappearing mouse cursor, that does seem jarring and causes me some issues.

Hey, this is awesome.
My only issue is that mouse is acting like it is set to accelerate, so I can’t be very precise with the paddle. If i move a bit faster it flies to the end of the screen, if I go slower it moves very slowly. Other than that, great job! Cheers!

Thanks! Good call on the acceleration, I had some code that switched between raw mouse coordinates and GetAxisRaw * some multiplier. Can’t remember why, so I’ve taken it back to raw coords. Might have to turn your dpi down for it to be playable, but it’s definitely smoother now.

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