Various Weapons and descriptions

Blue-handled, Red-ribbon War Tomahawk

  • Blue-handle inspired by the sky to allow faster travel through the air
  • Red-ribbon representing a war tribe
  • Pipe of peace on one end and extremely sharp blade of war on the other
  • Feathered decorations laid upon the pipe of peace side of this well balanced throwing weapon
  • May also be used for cutting wood
  • Bloodied version shows as well, which could be animated with original version for in-game damage effect.

Fiery Sword of Faith

  • Reflects the fire inside that fuels the heart of a Paladin
  • Increases Strength, Piety and Willpower of its bearer to face any enemy head-on, even in the darkest of hours
  • Provides a radiant glow and warmth of yellow-orange (counts as heat and light source with extended range)
  • Respect is shown to those that are capable of handling such a symbol of piety and faith

Ruby Encusted Battleaxe of Royalty

  • Master crafted long mahogany wooden handle pierces through the smooth silvery blade of this axe of war
  • Large 150 carat red spinel ruby is encrusted in the middle of this axe, which radiates a sense of survival and determination upon its bearer
  • Steel reinforcement lines the middle portion of this axe to allow for a better mold around its impossibly heavy handle, allowing only the strongest and most determined warriors to bear its weight in battle

Yellow Topaz Encrusted Gem

  • Makes use of the natural sunlight to store its energy and produce radiant warm yellow light in times of darkness (counts as heat and light source)
  • Inspires faith, confidence and pride, while remaining humble
  • Encapsulates the warmth and comfort of home

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