Valve Source 2 Engine

Ok, admittedly, not a lot of progress can be made on this right now seeing as it isn’t officially released (even though it was announced that they would, ages ago… that’s Valve Time for you).

But probably worth gauging some interest now, just in case.

Source engine has actually a long history now, first being used in Counter-Strike: Source (eventually GO) and Half-Life 2… nearly 14 years ago… suddenly feel old :tired_face:

Actually it probably goes back further than that… nearly 20 years ago… :roll_eyes: as some of the toolset and concepts behind the engine of course came from the Half-Life “GoldSrc” engine.

I guess you could even go as far back as the original Quake engine which is basically what the GoldSrc engine was based upon, but I think 20 years is already enough to make me feel my age, at this point.

Anyway, long story short, if you look at the longevity of these engines, look at how they’ve powered some of the best selling, most popular video games of all time, and also kept a still very popular modding ecosystem going for decades, then it adds up to something that should be seriously considered for building a course around in the future. You know, if it ever gets released, that is. Y’know… like Half-Life 3 will be one day :cry:

Would be cool to see this, would be interesting to see if they develop it to actually compete with unity and the unreal engine. Especially now with epic games coming out with their own store, and removing the licensing to nil if you publish on their store instead.

On the VR side, it would be cool to see the company that is in charge of a VR ecosystem, have their own engine. Whereas we are sort of looking at unity, and unreal. I know they released their lab render to unity, but it would be cool to see other VR specific stuff where everything is native if that makes any sense.

I can not even imagine that Valve will develop engine 2. When Valve promises something you need to remind yourself about half-life 3 that everybody is still waiting. Valve in my opinion is a corrupted company that keeps promising people that everything will get better and then they release a skin worth 1k USD and despite that saying, I did buy a lot of skins but not from Valve directly cause they overprice the cost of items and I was buying all the time from . I play cs go since it was released and do not see any difference since it was released. So, no way that we will see the engine 2 and no way Valve will ever compete with unreal engine and unity.

Who thinks about this? I think they did well to do it.