V4.22.1 - Holding Space lets me Glitch through the Floor

Yeah so I have another interesting problem.
If I hold space to jump i go up and after a while fly back down.
After I get to the ground (still holding space) it seems that I slowly sink into the ground and after a short while I just fall out of my room.
Does anyone else have a similar problem and found a solution?

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Yes, this is because jump isn’t set correctly.

Yeah this was kind of a hack to not have to go through input binding right off the bat. The default pawn is not meant to be used as a walkable pawn, it’s designed to be a spectator-like pawn.

I played around with it a bit and like DanM says, once a character model is introduced, you should be able to easily eliminate that then.


Also, the physics are a bit unrealistic really. The chair feels like plastic, jump too high, etc. You can increase this to something like -2744 or whatever and that will become improved. You won’t be able to jump to the ceiling anymore either :slight_smile:

But, to eliminate holding jump and going through the floor, once you have the character, you can for example stop the use of jump, change velocity, or maybe it will just not happen.

With the pawn, you could quickly disable jump or do something more complex.

Ok thank you :smiley:

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