UV Unwrapping spaghetti

These are two different stone pieces I’ve been working on for the wall just trying to unwrap them. As you can see the first 1 unwraps fine however, when I copy the unwrap style onto the other stone which is pretty much the same with a different bevel size I get this mess. Any ideas why? I’ve already tried merging vertices just in case they were stacked and none were so Im really lost haha

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Never seen this kind of solution.

An object exists of a mesh (to be seen in edit mode).
A mesh is nothing more than a group of coordinates (vertices) that are related in some way (edges). And edges make a face.

If you copy a UV map from one object to another, how does Blender know which vertices have the same meaning between those two objects?

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for the reply!
Let me state I’m very new to Blender so still learning. The question I’m asking is if the 2 objects are nearly the exact same. The red marks on the wire mesh are where I marked the seams so that the UV would unwrap. It worked fine for the first shape and then I repeated the seam locations on the other object and the unwrap is very different from the first object. I was just wondering why or what Im doing wrong.

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Just to check, are you actually unwrapping the second object by selecting all and then UV → Unwrap? Your initial post suggests that you’re trying to copy the first UV map over to the second object.

It might be worth deleting your UVMap on the second object and then trying to unwrap again. You can do this in the Object Data properties tab → UV Maps → Select UVMap → Press the - sign.


Oh I see!

Just tried it and it works thanks a million Myn!! the whole time I was selecting the whole thing and unwrapping it and nothing changed but once I changed the UVMap re-added the seams and unwrapped it it worked!


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