UV unwrap - nothing shows up in UV Editor unless I select all

So I’m following along with the course and the objects don’t show up in the UV Editor unless I select all in the 3d Viewport. It looks like, in the video, it just shows up when the object is selected, and doesn’t require all to be selected in edit mode. Is this the way it’s supposed to work, or am I missing soemthing. Images below. Thanks!

without selecting all:

after selecting all:

This is normal behaviour as far as I know. You can select/deselect parts of the actual UV separately but only the selected geometry will be displayed in the UV window.


Yes standard behavior. When unwrapping you need to select all then press U. It helps to see what part of the UV is where on the model, then you can select parts and they highlight as selected on the model. This also means there are times you may want to unwrap parts separately so you can.


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