UV Unwrap not appearing

Ahoy mates. By 2:15 in the video I had added a new cube, went into edit mode pressed U and clicked on Unwrap. Then when I went to the UV Editor I was unable to see the Unwrap like Mike’s with the orange faces.

I haven’t been able to find a cure on google yet. Need to get a fix before I can progress. If anyone has a suggestion that would be epic.

UPDATE: I Tried the process again but now first deleting the UV that was already assigned to the cube. I got a different result but still not the result I was expecting. The UV now is one large square rather than the net of six squares in the lecture video.

Hi Fred,

This is rather odd.
I would go into a new file and try again and see if the same occurs as it could be an install issue.
I would also check the uv editing tab before going into edit mode as the default cube now comes already unwrapped so may differ from the lecture

Think I got it Marc, Cheers. There was a UV unwrapped in the UV Editing tab already, I was able to continue with the lecture. Thank you.

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