UV Texturing Issue

So I have a weird problem. As you can see on a screenshot, all of the faces are on the right color but it doesn’t seem to apply them on the actual model. However, if I toggle local view everything works fine… Is it just a bug (Blender 3.2.0)

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  • Check for duplicate faces!
  • Be sure to have scale applied to one
  • Sometimes it helps to move, scale, adjust the uvmap mesh (align to pixels).

Thank you, it worked! I had a base duplicate, can’t think of how did I manage to create one :sweat_smile: Thank youuu! :sparkling_heart:

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At the beginning of working with Blender, these things happen a lot.
Because working on one issue, pressing a wrong hot-key, or aborting halfway an action. Can lead many hours after that to a magical problem.
While Blender has bugs, it is fairly well stable.
Most problems occur due to wrong Blender usage (configuration) by a user.
Which can happen easily, because Blender is huge in features and feature relations.

Have fun, we do!


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