UV texture 90 degrees off

I’m having a problem with the barrel UV mapping lesson.

When I bring the texture in, which is the same texture used in the video, I don’t get the proper alignment, which the instructor gets just by adding the image. The side texture maps to the top and bottom faces and the plain plank texture maps to the side of the barrel. If I adjust and scale the islands in the UV map, I see no changes at all in the appearance of the barrel.

I’ve watched this section of the video multiple times and started from scratch with a new barrel and still get the same results. Also tried rotating the texture 90 degrees, nothing changes.

Obviously I’m missing something. Does the order you mark your seams make a difference? Is there some setting that needs to be toggled on or off?


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Right after I posted this, I spotted the problem. The texture coordinator was still connected via the Generated noodle from when I had the Musgrave texture attached. I changed it to UV and now everything seems to be working.


So, you’ve learned an
other lesson too :wink:
Check your properties.
Well done to solve this on your own.

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