UV stretches Character Creator v2.0

I am getting strange stretches with uv maps, even with simple objects like chain parts or belt ( i thought the belt needs more topology so i gave it twice as much with loop cuts but it did not help as you see). I also noticed that if I do some changes with topology some issues with multires modifier occur. I got the latest 2.92 blender version.
I give you screenshots of these down below.

You might see that belt shape is very different in edit mode, I applied the base in multires and it still looks like this.

Do you mean the light blueish colors?
It’s not that bad! Just continue.

If they get green or worse then you can experience strange effects! BUT only visible when using bitmaps with straight lines in them. Because these lines will be warped. If you have a noisy or flat painted material then no problem at all (less noticable, visible)

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I downloaded a completed unwraped model and it seems that new blender versions show strething with more precision.

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