Uv mapping for 3d modelling

I was doing a course on 3d modelling and I had a question about uv mapping but the instructor is not responding. Has anyone worked with 3d modelling and uv mapping in blender? In the course, the instructor was choosing very specific edges to mark seam so that the uv map would be uniform for the model. However, I noticed that just marking all edges as seam gives a very nice uv map and takes a lot less time as I can mark all edges as seam at once. I don’t know if there is a reason why the instructor was not doing this. Does it have an impact on the performance or something? Basically, is there a reason why we should not do this? because it seems a lot more effective. Will uv mapping this way make the future steps more difficult?

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Hi There Eye Here :smiley:
If You Will Mark All Edges As Seems You Will Find That Every Face Is Going To An Individual Islands
in uv map but and as you move to complex objects with tons of face eg. 1k only will make it unmanageable , it will also create problem when you will do texture painting , so I will recommend you to make as less as possible no. of island in your uv map as less you want stretching. :smiley: I Hope It Is Clear What I Want To Say

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